What’s the point of the Bike to Work competition?

The main point of the competition is to increase the number of regular bike trips in the city, and thus improve our living environment. The long-term aim of Auto*Mat is for more people in cities to go to work by a combination of public transport, walking and riding a bike (or kick scooters). These kinds of transport fully exploit urban space and at the same time conserve cities’ resources and their citizens.

Who organizes it?

The competition is organized by Auto*Mat, a nonprofit, in cooperation with local organizers from participating towns. Most of the local organizers work on a voluntary basis within the framework of bike- or eco-activities which they promote in their towns.

How can I join in?

Put a team together with at least two members, register yourselves and travel regularly to work on a bike (or kick scooter or electric bike) in the month of May. Make a note of each trip in the online form.

What are the competition’s categories?

In each town there are various categories, some of which are obligatory (frequency, bike-employer and bike-absurdity).

Why do I have to pay a fee to participate?

Thanks to the fees we receive from participants we’re able to cover the budget for the entire campaign – from programmers, graphic designers, printed materials to event production. For your participant’s fee you’ll receive (apart from good feelings) an awesome T-shirt of organic quality, not to mention further goodies.

Who’s the company coordinator/administrator? What does he or she have to do?

You’ll become your firm’s coordinator after agreeing directly with us. The firm coordinator can establish an intra-firm competition, decide for which participants the organization will fund the start-up fee (217CZK per person), provide the invoice information of the organization and look after the payment of the invoice.

Who’s the team coordinator?

The team coordinator sets up a new team. He can accept or reject a member of the team and can hand on the position of coordinator to someone else.

Can I travel on other means of transport?

Yes, on kick scooters and electric bikes. However, competitors on electric bikes won’t qualify for the performance competition.

Does all this take my holidays into account?

If you’re going on holidays in May, unfortunately the number of possible days you could have gone on a bike doesn’t decrease. All the more reason for you to ride your bike on those other days. However, it’s possible to qualify for the frequency competition when you’ve notched up 66% of your journeys and most of the other competitions depend on other parameters.

I’m self-employed. Can I join in too?

Yes, but you have to find at least one other person to join in with you in the same town. If you can’t find anyone, fill out our online form and we’ll find you someone.

I work on the weekends. Do those journeys count?

Yes. Write them in the form instead of another working day.

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