About and How it works

About Bike to Work

The main challenge of the season is here – For the 10th year running: Bike to Work (Do práce na kole) which, with a number of new novelties, is taking place in the whole May 2021 throughout the Czech Republic. Registration for teams and individuals is open from 1st Fefruary until 10th May 2021. The contest is organised by AutoMat.

Last year (considering the coronavirus) you were allowed to record not only the way to your work but even your home workouts, walks or non-motorized ways/trips (e.g. way to shop). In 2021 we will decide according to a pandemic situation.

The project’s goal is to motivate as many people as possible to learn to use a bike as a regular urban means of transportation (alternatively to walk or run). If more people switch from cars to bikes and other non-motorised vehicles, they will not only improve their physical condition, mood and work relationships but they will also jointly contribute to cleaner air and more pleasant, safer and healthier cities where they live and work.

Bike to Work is a team competition for companies and institutions. Anyone, who can make a team of at least 2 and maximum of 5 members and regularly bike to work with their co-workers in May, can join the competition. Runners, walkers, skaters, skateboarders, long boarders and wheelchair users can join too! There is no limit as to how many teams from one company (one employer) can join.

As part of our challenge, participants can take part in categories focused on regularity and length of travel. Each participant receives an organic cotton T-shirt from our partner Merchyou. The competition is accompanied by various social activities which promote the goals of the competition, point out the benefits of cycling to work and make the competition richer and more vibrant.

Except the competition participants themselves, the campaign also aims at the management of companies and institutions because it is them, the employers, who can significantly motivate their employees to use bicycles in order to commute to work. Competition category “Bike Employer of the Year” is there for companies to strive to offer the best conditions for their employees to be able cycle to work (stands, showers, changing rooms…). Employers can compete in the category “Best Internal Company Competition” as well. Furthermore, we announce “Bike City of the Year”.

Examples of accompanying social events:

  • Coffee on T-shirt – everyone who visits selected businesses wearing the campaign’s T-shirt will receive a free coffee or tea.
  • Breakfast for Cyclists – the goal is to surprise the passing cyclists on their way to work with a free breakfast.
  • The Great Spring Cycle Tour – the goal is to promote the approaching competition and offer to try out what is cycling in the city like.
  • Closing Ceremony – a party where the competition results are announced, winners receive their prizes and visitors can enjoy a rich cultural programme.


How it works

1. Sign up

Sign up individually and create your own web profile. Invite another 2-4 of your colleagues to join your team. You can compete anywhere in the Czech Republic, but you have to sign up under one of the competition cities. Don’t s forget to pay the entrance fee.


2. Dress up

You will receive an original competition t-shirt made from bio organic cotton. Receive a number of discounts and benefits and the chance to win great prizes. At the same time, enjoy the good feeling that you are involved in supporting the development of cycling infrastructure in your city.


3. Ride, run (or do a home workout)

During whole month of May use bicycle, e-bike, scooter, skate, longboard as your mean of transport. Or just simply walk or run. You can combine means of travel as you like during the challenge. For example, you can cycle on Monday and Wednesday, walk on Tuesday, run on Thursday, and arrive on longboard on Friday.


4. Record your trips

Record your trips at your profile or use a mobile app. You will automatically compete in the Team Regularity category. Employers can also compete for the title Bike Employer of the Year in the catagory: Best Internal Company Competition.


5. Monitor the performance of others

You can check up on your colleagues and opponents in your profile.


6. Coffee with colleagues / bike service for free

Take advantage of our “T-Shirts” series. Free coffee or ice cream with colleagues after work? Or even bike service? Perfect! Up-to-date information on T-Shirts offer can be found on your city’s competition page.

7. Win prizes

In each city, we organize an awards ceremony – the best of you will win bycicles, scooters or tickets to cultural and sporting events and maybe something even more valuable – new friends. We will also announce Bike Employers and Bike City of the Year.


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