How it works

1. Sign up

Sign up individually and create your own web profile. Invite another 2-5 of your colleagues to join your team. You can compete anywhere in the Czech Republic, but you have to sign up under one of the competition cities.

2. Dress up

You will receive an original competition t-shirt made from bio organic cotton. Receive a number of discounts and benefits and the chance to win great prizes. At the same time, enjoy the good feeling that you are involved in supporting the development of cycling infrastructure in your city.


3. Ride or Run

During whole month of May use bicycle, scooter, skate, longboard as your mean of transport. Or just simply walk or run.


4. Record your trips

Record your trips at your profile or use a mobile app. You will automatically compete in the Team Regularity and Individual Performance categories. The Run to Work category is available for runners.


5. Monitor the performance of others.

Check the results on web charts.


6. Win prizes

In each city, we organize an awards ceremony – the best of you will win bycicles, scooters or tickets to cultural and sporting events and maybe something even more valuable – new friends.


The challenge is organized
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