How to record your rides and excercises

Will be updated according to pandemic situation.

Due to the Coronavirus situation, we have decided to adjust the rules of the 10th year of Bike to Work in 2020, so that most of you could participate, even if you are not currently going to work. Your non-motorized routes (by bike, scooter, on foot…) can lead e.g. to nature or shopping, and you can even do a home workout (fitness, yoga…). It is mainly about the “regularity”, which is especially important at this time – for physical and mental condition.

You can record your non-motorized journeys with any goal or workout in several ways as part of Bike to Work:

  • By recording a route via the mobile application (trips to and from work or other routes when you are not working)
  • By recording a route or excercise/workout directly to your BtW profile (system)

To enter the “regularity category”, simply enter the number of kilometers without specifying the route or enter the number of minutes of excercise.
For the new “Performance for a Good Cause” category, you must record a route into the BtW system via one of the partner applications or by uploading a GPX file of any app.

Tired of reading long instructions? Watch our short video.

1 Recording a route via mobile app

The fastest way is to use the Cyclers or Na kole Prahou mobile applications. They are easy to use: At the beginning of your ride, you launch the application and at the destination simply send the recorded route to the Work to Bike system (you can “pause” the app so that you do not run out of time when you for example jump to the post office halfway during the ride). However, first you must connect the application with your BtW profile (it is done a little differently for each – see the instructions page – link below).

Instructions for connecting applications with Work to Bike

2 Recording an exercise or a route manually in your BtW profile

Still resisting smartphones or have another favorite app? It doesn’t matter, you can also fill in your routes manually in your web profile (system). How to do it?

2.1 Recording an excercise or a route using “Calendar”

  1. Select a type of your activity

    If you have been exercising for at least 15 minutes, select the Heart / Dumbbell icon.

    If you have been doing something else, select a corresponding icon:

    • Bike icon – you rode a bike, scooter, skateboard…
    • Running / Wheelchair icon – you went, ran or rode a wheelchair.
    • Train / Bus and Car icons – you made the journey in another way, eg by train, public transport, car, etc. – this journey is not counted in BtW.
    • Beach umbrella icon – select if you have not gone anywhere, eg due to a holiday, illness, etc. (this pause will not affect your contest regularity).
  2. Enter the exercise time or the route distance

    For the Exercise icon, you can only enter the exercise time in minutes.

    For non-motorized transport, first select how you want to enter the route, and then enter the time / kilometers / route. Input options are:

      • manually (then enter the number of kilometers in the box)
      • by drawing on the map (draw your path and the distance is calculated automatically)
      • by uploading a GPX file from any application that can record routes and export them – eg Garmin, Endomondo and more
      • by copying some of your past journeys

    You do not enter any distance or route for other means of transport, illness or vacation.

  3. Select a day of an activity

    If you have been excercising, e.g. 15 minutes at eight in the morning, fill in “15” in the box and click on the red “right” arrow in the Calendar (i.e. the equivalent of the way to work). And when you did one more excercise in the afternoon, e.g. 25 minutes at 4 pm, fill in “25” and click on the red “left” arrow (i.e. the equivalent of the way from work).

    Be careful, if you want to achieve 100% regularity with exercise, you must fill in two at least 15-minute exercises a day (the equivalent of a trip to and from work).

    Do the same for non-motorized transport: assign your route to a specific day and direction using the corresponding arrows.

    In the case of other means of transport, illness or vacation, just click on a specific day and arrow(s).

    Looking for a save button? The routes are saved automatically after entering.

2.2 Recording an excercise or a route using “Calendar”

If you have been participating in Bike to Work for more than 3 years, you certainly know this original way of recording.

  1. Select an exercise or a mode of transportation on appropriate day
    In the field of every day you see two buttons (originally designed for the journey to and from work). Use them for exercise as well (eg first one for morning escercise and latter for the evening excercise.

    • Home activity button – you have exercised for at least 15 minutes
    • Bike button – you rode a bike, scooter, skateboard, etc.
    • Walk button – you have traveled on your own, run or rode a wheelchair
    • Car and Public transport buttons – you made the trip in another way, eg by train, public transport, car, taxi, etc. – this trip is not counted in BtW.
    • No trip text – you did not do any activity at all, eg due to vacation, illness, etc. (this pause will not affect your regularity).
  2. Enter an exercise time / a route traveled
    Enter manually the number of minutes you excercised or the number of kilometers you covered.
    Alternatively, you can draw the route on the map or by uploading a GPX file.To save, don’t forget to click on red Take a ride button.
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